Next In Line Films is a boutique video production company.
We create videos that will engage your customers, lift your brand and increase your social proof
through online sharing and by simply being talked about by everyone.




Get the most out of your business marketing budget.

We work within your budget to get the very best video content without compromising quality or design.
Because it’s your story with our pictures, we craft engaging video marketing to communicate your message and sell your brand.

We love making our customers happy with awesome videos and we get a kick out of showing people the power of video advertising.
How it can change perceptions and ideas about your business brand or product and turn viewers into customers.

We create a partnership with you and your business. Your success is our success.
We share our ideas and creative excellence to make your brand standout from the masses and attract new customers.

Create a connection with your ideal customer through high quality video marketing and
create a lasting impression of your brand that will translate into customers becoming raving fans and loyal to your business.

Make exciting videos for your ideal customers to engage with and share.