Festival De Cannes

I had the chance this year to attend the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. It was a quite a whirlwind experience but I learned a lot of useful stuff about filmmaking, business and networking. I also devoured a lot of bread and cheese and alcoholic beverages in the Riviera sun. I spent a day of two in Paris solo before I took the train down to Cannes. I just hung out in my hotel and had a little walk around the area trying to get over my jetlag and find some good coffee. Once I stepped off the train in Cannes and found my apartment things became quite hectic in an amazing sort of way. I met some excellent people from all over the world. (I also met some pretentious bores, but you take the good with the bad). I saw some cool films. I had some great conversations with other young filmmakers and some older filmmakers, it was just one big learning experience. My short film 'Dirt' was received well and impressed some people. Hopefully it is the first notch in a great journey. 

- Damian