Who is watching? Online Video

A big part of creating a video is asking the question ‘who will be watching?’ This is the place we always start. At the beginning of the process when we meet with a client for a prospective project the first question we always ask is ‘who do you want to watch this video?’

Audience. Who is watching? That is your starting point. We need to be able to craft your video and message around who you want your audience to be. And be as specific as you can; female/male, age group, where they live, their job/industry they work in. The more you know about the audience the more effective the video will be.

As a video production company we want the video to hook the audience from the first few seconds and maintain their attention throughout. Online video has a quick drop off rate so if we can craft the video to engage with the target audience then that’s your first win.
Think about WHO is watching and then we can create a video that makes them WANT to watch.

A successful video must deliver your message in a way that captures and engages them (the audience) specifically.

Things to think about;
Who is your audience?
 Their age
 Gender
 Job
 Lifestyle
 Where they live
 What they do for fun
 What else do they watch

The more you know about audience the more we can create a clear concise video that speaks to them in their language and makes them want to keep watching.

Here some stills from videos we have produced that were able to capture the imagination of the audience and get the messages across in the agriculture industry, real estate and the transport industry - 


murrami video production
intellifleet wagga video production
john mooney real estate video production wagga