Video: Why the Where is important

TV or Online?

TV or Online?


Video is an amazing tool in communicating with your customers. The how and why of the video are central elements to good communication but what a lot of people don’t think about is the where- Where should this video go to reach your viewers?

The where is important to think about as it can determine the type of video you will make.

After you determine what message you want to communicate and who your target audience will be then you need to know where your audience is and where they watch. Are they watching on YouTube, Facebook, on your website, Television or Instagram? Where do your customers consume videos? You need to know where your audience will be so your video can get the maximum views.

Once you know where you want to broadcast your video you can then craft your video to your chosen platform. This is a really important step in the video process. You wouldn’t make a 10 minute promo video for an online audience that will turn off after 30 seconds. You need to tailor your video for the correct platform. Remember online video needs to be short and to the point as it has a high drop off rate meaning you need to connect straight away.

Its important to know what you want to say but also where you want to say it. 

Other points to think about are the types of videos you make may determine the platform. Television need to be short with a duration of between 15 – 30 seconds. Instagram you have a maximum of 60 seconds to connect and hold your audience. Facebook you can target your videos to specific markets and demographics, YouTube you can play around with a more creative angle or utilise humour to communicate your message.

Keeping in mind the platform you want to use to broadcast your video will help shape and craft an engaging and exciting video that talks directly to the audience.