Andrew Whitehead – Artist profile gets a great audience

The Regional Artist Profiles is a project Next In Line Films is conducting where we make short films about regionally based artists. We share a bit about their story and their practice.

At the end of last year we were fortunate enough to spend time with artist and sculptor Andrew Whitehead. We spent the day with him in his workshop on his farm in the small town of Urana, NSW.

Andrew is a very talented metal sculptor who uses scrap metal to make amazing sculptures any figures. Andrew’s video is currently enjoying one of the largest audiences we have had, over 150,000 views and counting.

Most of the feedback we received from people who watched the video said what they really connected to was Andrew’s passion for what he loved to do. Viewers may not necessarily connect with his art practice but what hooked them was that Andrew found something in his life that he loves to do and that makes him insanely happy. A friend of Next In Line Films animator Phil Henderson said after watching the video “This guy calls a spade a shovel! Brilliant guy” One of the biggest things we learnt by making this video is the importance of story and context and how audiences find connection to a subject. A lot of people watching the video may not have a particular connection to sculpting and this form of artistic practice but as humans we all want to feel happy, useful and have something we do that makes feel fulfilled.

That’s the magic we are all after in being able to find that ‘thing’ in a story that we can all connect with. The magic that takes video from good to brilliant.


Check it out here: