Documentary Shoot in Bangkok

Bangkok is a lot of things at once. Capital of Thailand, a sprawling metropolis home to 8 million people, a chaotic, vibrant and exciting city that houses the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor. The city is constantly loud and on the move. The streets are laid out like a rabbit warren with traffic filling the tangled roads. Every few yards, the aromas on the ground change with street vendors selling everything from fruit on the roadside to markets with copious amounts of raw fish and meat sitting in the stinging sunlight. A lot of the apartment buildings are old and rundown with dreary facades set behind electricity lines tied together in a mess. Of course, next door will be a 45 story luxury hotel tower full of some of the thousands of tourists who fill the city every day.

I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Bangkok for a week of filming for a documentary project. The film is centred on a man called James as he undergoes a massive shift in lifestyle to help cure his diabetes. The Bangkok phase focuses on experimental plasma and stem cell treatment he is undergoing at the Sukhamivt Hospital.


Please enjoy some pictures of vibrant Bangkok: