What the F&*% - Why language is important


Video is a visual medium but the words you use to tell your story is as important as the pictures.

What you say and how you say it matters.

Two things to think about when writing a video script:

 1.      Use words and language that your audience and customers use. It’s easy to think that using big complicated language makes you or your products seem more successful or significant but it actually has the opposite effect. The viewer feels talked down to and confused. You lose the emotional connection to the viewer and they will turn off.

2.      Less is more. The viewer doesn’t want to listen to a list of amazing things your service or product does, they want to see it. Use narration and audio description when you really need to and use it sparingly. Keep it concise and authentic. People see through marketing jargon straight away so tell a story that is true and real. People will connect to that much easier than marketing slang.

All language and script should speak to your audience like they would speak themselves. They don’t want to watch a video where they don’t recognise their own words and language. They want to connect and see themselves in the story and what better way to do that by using their own words.